Fluid Bed Dryers
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   Technical Specifications
Model:  GFBP
   Product Description

Salient Features
- Gansons Fluid Bed systems are processing solutions which are conceived, designed, built and continually innovated to remain reference standards.
- As with all our solutions they incorporate the finest in contemporary skills, materials and technology.
Optimal for the process

- Gansons Fluid Bed Driers (GFBD).
- Top Spray Gansons Fluid Bed Processors(GFBP).
- Bottom Spray/ Wurster Gansons Fluid Bed Coaters(GFBC).
- Gansons Multi-Processors(GFPC) includes top and bottom spray modules.
- The fundamental objective of efficient, gentle blending, and drying of moist product is reliably attained.
- Technological insight and product specific knowledge enable fine tuning for maximum process efficiency even with a wide variance of infeed.
- Reduced need for raking and uniform drying.
Product advantage include

 Dust free granulate.
- Minimal fines.
- Controllable granule growth and uniform size(narrow granule size distribution).
- Optimal porosity, tablet formability, and erosion resistance.
- Rapid dissolution by capillary wick.
Process advantages

- Speed.
- Simplicity.
- Nozzle accessibility.
- Scalability.
- Gentle processing, minimal stress.
- Enhanced capacities.
- Lower cost.
- Manufacture of temperature-sensitive / fragile products.
- Hot –melt coating.
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