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Fluid Bed Dryers
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   Product Description

Salient Features
- Sturdy structure.
- Easy to operate.
- Uniform drying at low temperature.
- Short drying time.
- Minimum handling, more hygienic.
- Compact isolated control panel.
- Models available FBD 10 Kg to 200 Kg.
- Container lifting, bag shifting by pneumatically for bigger model.
- Available in GMP models.
- Electrically and Steam operated for quick and efficent drying.

- Digital temperature controller & indicators.
- Unit can be supplied with FLIP electrical on demand.
- Contact parts can be supplied with 316 quality on demand.

- The atmospheric air is drawn through the filter by a specifically designed heavy duty fan. - The clean air is then heated to the required
   temperature by electric air heaters / steam radiators.
- The hot air passes through the product gets dried faster by air fluidizations. The air circulation is controlled by a damper.
- The filter bag prevents the finest particles of material from carrying over to all stream.
- The drying time required for the pharmaceutical granules or crystals having 20-25% moisture is max 30-40 min. at 80 degree C. approximately.
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