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Fluid Bed Dryers
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   Product Description

Salient Features
- In fluid bed systems, the material is fluidized with help of  air stream using specially designed perforated plate. In addition to this, the fluidizer can
   also be made vibratory to assist the fluidization by imparting mechanical energy. Drying / Cooling media ( Air / Gas ) is admitted in the plenum
   below the perforated plate. Fluidized state enables intensive interaction & of the material & drying / cooling media ( air / gas) take place, hence 
   high rates of heat transfer are achieved.  Product residence time can be adjusted through adjustable discharge weir. Product Drying and cooling is
   possible in single unit.
- AVM offers Customized Fluid Bed Drying Systems with variety of Configurations. 
Continuous Fluid Bed Configurations   
- Static Fluid Bed Dryers.
- Vibratory Fluid Bed Dryers.
Material Feeding Options
- Rotary Feeder
- Screw Feeder
Product / Fines Recovery System Configurations
- Cyclone Separators Mono, Twin, Quadruple Cyclones etc.
- Bag Filters Reverse Pulsejet, Mechanical Shaking etc.
Air Heating System Configurations
- Direct Fired / Indirect Fired Air Heaters:  using Liquid / Gaseous Fuels. 
- Direct / Indirect Fired Air Heaters: using Solid Fuels, Agro Waste, Saw Dust, Rice Husk, Coal, Briquette etc.
- Indirect Air Heaters: Using Steam / Hot Oil / Thermic Fluid
- Electric Air Heaters: using electricity.
Optional Features Configurations
- Automatic CIP system.
- Liquid Spraying System for Product having requirement of Coating / Lecethination.
- Safety accessories like Rupture Disc, Fire Fighting System.
- Computerized Control System through PLC/ DCS / SCADA.
   New Avm Systech Pvt. Ltd.   
Contact Person: Mr. Vilaas Borole
City: Pune
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