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Fluid Bed Dryer (FBD)
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   Product Description

Salient Features
- CONTAINER of Fluid Bed Dryer is made out of MS / SS304 / SS316 / Aluminium as per requirement. The perforated sheet & fine wire
  mesh screen will be provided at the bottom for proper air distribution.
- HEATING can be supplied with Electrical, Steam, Thermic Fluid or Hot Air Generator.
- Electrically heated Dryer will be provided with heating element of suitable rating having MS galvanised / Stainless steel construction.
- Steam / Thermic Fluid Radiators are made out of MS / SS Tubes with MS / SS / AL Fins as per requirement.
- CONTROL PANEL will consist of Digital Temp. Controller, Starter for Blower, Synchronous Timer for batch time setting, Indicating 
   Lamps, Fuses, Main Isolator switch etc.
   Bifriends Engineering Works   
Contact Person: Mr. Vithal Khokrale
City: Mumbai
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