Fluid Bed Dryer (FBD)
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Salient Feaatures
- The PRAGATI ENGINEERING WORKS’  offer  a  Fluid Bed Dryer,  manufactured  in our well equipped factory,  where most popular
   PRAGATI"  make  Flaker / Drum Dryer  manufactured for last  many years.
- During  the  last decade,  the use of  ‘Fluid-Bed’  technique on industrial scale,  has  been  considerably  on  the  increase, specially  for  drying,
  cooling,  calcination, agglomeration, combustion and in many other unit operations, due to its manifold  advantages.
- Compared to conventional batch and  other  continuous drying method, Fluid - Bed technology offers several advantages such as, no product lump
 formation / caking, no particle overheating/cooling, a well defined product residence time, uniform product quality, better energy economy
due to lower specific heat requirements etc.,
- In ‘Fluid-Bed" the material is suspended in an upward moving hot-air and the mass behaves  like  a boiling  fluid after  "Fluidization".
- Thus Fluidization  is  basically a  state of  dynamic  balance  of solids  in fluid.
- Quantity of fine solids in a form of bed are placed on a  distributor plate and hot air is passed slowly.
- The bed expands and then at certain  stage, it starts moving vigorously, This is  the state of fluidization.
- The fluid Bed Dryers  are most suitable  for drying granular,  crystalline,  coarse or similar material.
- It is also possible to dry very fine  crystals or very  coarse material.
- The air is passed from the bottom of the container which has got perforations  of  S.S. fine wire-mesh.
- Hot air passes through the product container and  therefore  the  turbulence in the product is  obtained  and hence the product  moves up and  down in the  product container.
- Due to this the heat transfer is very quick and the  product is dried very faster  without appreciable  loss of heat.
- The Fluid Bed Dryers  are not suitable for drying liquids of pasty  materials.
- The fluid bed Dryer will be  complete with  2800 R.P.M.,
- TEFC Motor, control panel with Timer, 2 no. temperature gauge, Filter bag, SS container with Trolley & heater or steam radiator.
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