Fluid Bed Dryer (FBD)
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   Product Description

Salient Features
- Humidity control-chiller batteries to control inlet temperature and Humidity.
- Heating systems by steam control to heater battery of by blending hot and cold air (Thermal fluid and   electrical heating also available)
- Filter bags cleaned by automatic shaking.
- Clean in place systems for washing down during product changes.
- Fully sealed air control damper with positioner for accurate air monitoring.
- Differential pressure gauges to monitor pressure drop across filters.
- Air filtration supplied with HEPA FILTERS.
- Spraying attachment for coating of granules agitating facility (Manual & Automatic )
- On line sampling facility.
- GMP & standard model, laboratory fluid bed dryers for R&D are also available in the 4 capacities (2.5kgs,   5kgs, 10kgs, 15kgs)
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Contact Person: Mr. Narendra Pradhan
City: Thane
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