Fluid Bed Dryer (FBD)
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   Product Description

Salient Feature
- Unique technology.
- User friendly control system.
- Design confirming to cGMP standards.
- Uniform drying.
- Modular design.
- Ropeless automatic pneumatic shaking system (telescopic type).
- On-line sampling device.
- Pneumatically operated inflatable silicon gaskets for sealing.
- Differential Pressure guage/Pressure transmitter across filter bag/Hepa filter to monitor pressure drop.
- Solid flow monitor system.
- PLC based integrated process control system.
- WIP system & bag wetting system.
- Exhaust filteration unit of 5 micron alongwith silencer.
- anges available from 5kgs to 300 kgs.

Contact Person: Mr. Kaushik Bose
City: Navi Mumbai
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