Fluid Bed Dryer
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   Product Description

Salient Features
- Air generated by the powerful blower is passed through a Fin tube radiator.
- The air which has now become hot is forced into the product container carries the product upward.
- This creates a very high fluidization effect, where each and every particle of the product comes into contact with the hot air.
- Due to this, heat transfer efficiency is increased and drying time is reduced considerably.
- The conventional method of drying products in Tray Dryers is rather Time Consuming & troublesome.
- They occupy large floor space.
- The product container shall have a Hollander weave mesh screen at the bottom.
- The container shall be mounted on a SS trolley with castor wheels which shall enable it to be moved around.
- The product container shall be lifted up to the SS 316 retaining chamber.
- It shall have an auto shaking device connected to the bags. All gaskets shall be of NeoPrene
Special Features of Vats & Vessels Fluid Bed Dryers -
Uniform & Rapid Drying.
Occupies small Floor Space
Absence of moving parts results in ease of maintenance.
Capacity - 15 Kg. to 250 Kg
Finger bag chamber with Fully automatic Bag Shaking
Bucket type bottom chamber above ground level
Pneumatic lifting & locking for product container with retarding chamber
Fully automatic bag shaking
Inlet-air filtration system with 0.3 micron Hepa filters
Heating can be Electric Heating or Steam Heating Type.
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