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Yash Pharma Machineries - Fluid Bed Dryer
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   Product Description

Salient Features
- FLUID BED DRYER is designed to introduce the hot air stream at the base of the product container which is filled with the material.
- Induced draught is created by means of blower and fresh air is sucked in to the unit.
- The fresh air is heated by means of electrical heaters or steam or thermic fluid heaters.
- This hot air stream expands the bed of material at certain velocity & reating turbulance in the product.
- The phenomenon is known as fluidisation and offer conditions which are almost ideal for drying.
- Fluidisation produces full agitation of solid particles and since each particle gets surrounded by hot air, heat transfer is extremely high and uniform.
- The product is dried fast without appreciable loss of heat.
- Filter bags prevent particles escaping from the dryer.
   Yash Pharma Machineries   
Contact Person: Mr. Bhupendra Panchal
City: Ahmedabad
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