Filling - Augar
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   Product Description

Salient Features
- Vertically mounted Servo Motor for precise stopping of the screw rotating at high speed.
- Independently driven agitator
- Electrical panel with in built protective circuit.
- "Self Centering Funnel" - significantly reduces changeover time during Cleaning, provides automatically factory setting for consistent product flow.
- Fill Non-Free Flowing Powders Chemicals, Pharmaceutical Powers, Food & Beverages, Cosmetics etc..
- Model PFMW - S304 is fitting with PLC based controller and load cell for weighmetric filling to achieve very high accuracy in filling.
- It comes with built in weight setup - capable of storing filling parameter for upto 5 products makes selecting product - fill weight by touch of a button
   SP Automation And Packagiing Machine    
Contact Person: Mr. T.R.A. Kumaravel
City: Tamil Nadu
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