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FBD - Fluid Bed Dryers
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   Product Description

Salient Features

- Short drying time.
- Uniform drying.
- Rapid exchange of granules.
- Low drying temperature.
- Electric or steam heating options available
- Automatic simple operation

- Fluid Bed Dryer works on the principle of creating a fluid turbulence in granulated or powdery wet product by means of hot air flowing in an upward direction and drying the product to the required degree.
- Wet granules are completely fluidized by a powerful stream of hot air, thereby achieving high heat transfer rate and uniform temperature across the product.
- As the drying temperature is low and duration is short, physical and chemical properties of the product are generally not affected, these dryer are ideal for heat sensitive products also.

   Mark Maker Pharma Engineering   
Contact Person: Mr. Vinayak
Address: A.V. Udyog Nagar, Gala No. 09, Bldg. No.3,B/
Area: udyog Nagar, Golani, Waliv Road, vasai E
Pin Code:  401 208
City: Thane
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