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Fabtech - Water Chillers
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   Technical Specifications
Model:  Air Cooled Chiller
   Product Description

Air Cooled Chiller

Water chillers are used in a variety of air conditioning and process cooling applications. They are used to make cold water that can be transported through out a facility using pumps and pipes. This cold water can be passed through the tubes of coils to cool the air conditioning application, or it can provide cooling for a manufacturing or industrial process.

Water chillers come in many sizes and types, they all produce cooling using the same basic principles of heat transfer and change-of-phase of the refrigerant. This is accomplished by the chiller refrigeration cycle. They differ from each other based on refrigeration cycle and the type of refrigerant fluid used.

   Fabtech Technologies International Ltd   
Contact Person: Mr. Shaikh Abdul Haji
Address: 717, Janaki Center, Off. Veera Desai Road
Area: Andheri (West)
Pin Code: 400053
City: Mumbai
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