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Fabtech - Sampling / Dispensing Booth
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   Product Description

Salient Features
- M0C  - SS 304 / SS 316 / Customised
- Imported Minipleat HEPA Filter with hot melt technology, which conforms to EU-13 / EU-14 Grade at supply position
- Imported Minipleat HEM Filter with hot melt technology, which conforms to EU-13 / EU-14 Grade at exhaust position
- Fabtech make prefilter which conforms to EU 4 Grade, with efficiency of 90% down to 10 p .
- Fabtech make Intermediate filter which conforms to EU 7
- Motor Blower provided are statically and dynamically balanced sufficient capacity and static pressure is maintained to take care of airflow requirement for entire life to NEPA.
- SS 304 Double Walled Side Panels
- Dwyer Make Magnehelic Differential Pressure Gauge ( 0 -25 mm: 2 Nos.) to monitor pressure drop across interrnediate filter Ft HEM filter and ( 0-10 mm 1 No.I across Prefilter
- Electrical control panel mounted on the side panel of the unit.
- Fluorescent Light ( 250 Lux)
- ON/OFF Switches for motor Et Lights.
- DOP Test Port at upstream of HEPA filter
- Air cleanliness  ISO Class 5 (ISO 14644-1:1999 (E)
- Air Velocities  0.45 t 0.05 mps
- Air Flow  Vertical - Recirculatory
- Noise Level  Less than 67 dB on Scale 'A' when Ambient is not greater then 55dB on Scale 'A'
- Vibration Level  Minimum
POWER SUPPLY:  I 230 V AC 1-e 50HZ
Optional Accessories
- SS Perforated Safety Grill for NEPA Filter
- Front Anti Static PVC Curtains (for warehouse applications)
- Front doors (hinged)
- SS Perforation table for keeping weighing scale
- Sodium Vapor Lamps
- Audio Visual Alarm indicating condition of HEPA Filters
- Flame Proof Fitting
- VFD based Control systems
- Safe change Bag in / Bag out arrangement for filters
- 5/15 Amp single phase switch socket
   Fabtech Technologies International Ltd.   
Contact Person: Mr. Asif Khan
Address: 717, Janaki Center, Off. Veera Desai Road
Area: Andheri (West)
Pin Code: 400053
City: Mumbai
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