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Fabtech - Biological Safety Cabinet
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   Product Description

Salient Features
- Imported mini pleat separatorless HEPA filter.
- Magnehelic Gauges.
- Toughened Glass.
- Fluorescent & UV lights.
- Available in various construction materials such as CRCA powder coated, stainless steel etc.
- We manufacture Bio Safety Cabinets and Glove Boxes as per international standards.
Bio Safety Cabinet in all classes i.e.

- Class I, Class II A, Class II B1, Class II B2, Class II B3 and Class III.
- Cabinets are manufactured in various materials such as CRCA powder coated, Stainless Steel etc.
- We recommend Stainless Steel due to anti corrosive property - minimum chances of fungal / bacterial growth - easy to clean.
- Various components viz. HEPA filters, Bag-in and Bag-out arrangements, longer life luminaries fittings etc. are inbuilt in the Bio Safety Cabinet.
Technical Specifications


- Generally, Basic material of Construction is SS 304 No. 4 finish except motor blower and filtration system and electricals.
- Bulk Head and Panel 1.0 mm SS 304 / SS 316.
- Working Table 1.5 mm SS 304 / SS 316.

Heart of System Comprises of

- Minipleat HEPA Filter, which conforms to EU 13 Grade, has efficiency rating better than 99.99 % for 0.3 .HEPA Filters are used for main supply and exhaust has same rating.
- Intermediate Filter conforms to EU 8 Grade, which is made in house by Fabtec®.
- These Filters are basically made from micro-fibre-glass media and are inherently washable.
- Motor Blower and the motors provided are statically and dynamically balanced, Supply of sufficient capacity and static pressure is used to take care of airflow requirement for entire life of HEPA. Blower is high performance, noise abated, light weighted statically and dynamically balanced.
- Sealed Fluorescent Light either through clear or milk diffuser.
- Access to light will be from side of equipment in case of maintenance.
- The light intensity at work surface will be 300 Lux.
- Worktable Height is maintained at 760 mm from FFL.
- Worktable is made from 1.5 mm SS 304 or SS 316 sheet.
- Worktable slotted at edges and perforated at workspace.
- Below the Worktable Drain Pan is provided which is sloped at one particular point for drainage.
- One Magnehelic is provided at either side of equipment to monitor Pressure Drop across main HEPA Filter and the exhaust HEPA Filter.
- Two Nos. Nozzles will be provided at each side for utility connections.
- Front sash will be of either 8 mm polycarbonate sheet. It will be counter weight operated.
- Unit will conform and validated as per NSF - 49 guidelines for Class II.
   Fabtech Technologies International P.   
Contact Person: Mr. Usmani
Address: 717, Janaki Center, Off. Veera Desai Road
Area: Andheri (West)
Pin Code: 400053
City: Mumbai
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