Double Sided Rotary Machine
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   Product Description

Standard Features
-Machine with mechanical clutch
-Turret resting on thrust bearing
-Separate Worm ring for turret
-Separate centre piller
-Turret with key slot for shaped punches (not in 41 & 59 station machines)
-Machine is more rigid due to height being 8" lesser
-Selection of compression level
-Compression type safety spring
-Standard machine mount with sufficient height for pallet trolley
-Hand pumps for lubrication
-Electronic Counter for tablets per minute, revolution per min and total tablet count.
Technical Specificaions
Max. Pressure : 10 Ton
Round Tablet Max. Diameter : 18.50 mm
Max. Caplet : 19 x 8
Punch Diameter : 'D' Tooling 25.35 mm
Die Diameter : 30.16 mm
Output min./max. : 540 / 1130
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Contact Person: Mr. Ratan Singhania
City: Vikroli (Mumbai)
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