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   Product Description

Salient Features
- Amulya Blenders are  ideal for mixing of powder and homogeneous lubrication of granules.
- Mixing vessel & Cones are made of SS-304/316/316L quality steels. Baffles are provided on central shaft to enhance mixing. Drive motor is
   connected to a gearbox on rigid Square Pipe stand. Blender discharge height varies as per the capacities of different models.
- Suitable opening for charging is provided with SS-cover & lock nuts.
- Discharge port is fitted with mucon/butterfly

- Construction SS304 / SS316 / 316 L.
- Flame Electricals with Control Panel & variable speed Drive.
- Pneumatic Actuated butterfly valve from Panel.
- Available in STD / GMP / cGMP models
- Models range from 5 ltrsó10,000 Ltrs Volume capacity
- Models range from 2Kg ó4,000 Kg & above Mass capacity
- 2 kg-3000 kg capacity & above

   Amulya Industries   
Contact Person: Mr. Ketan Karani
City: Ghatkopar ( Mumbai )
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