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Double Cone Blender
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   Product Description

Salient Features
- The double cone blender consists of two cone shaped sections with 45ļ slopes.
- The cone sections are welded at their wide ends to a centre band.
- The blender is mounted between two trunnions that permits the unit to tumble end over end.
- In operation, material is loaded to a fill level of 50 to 60 % of the blenderís capacity.
- The blender tumbles and the material in the vessel spreads out.
- The transition area at the band between the cones prevents the material from sliding along the inner wall and instead causes the material to fold over
- This provides gentle mixing with only very slight shear.
- The blender is ideal for soft powders of granules that degrade by attrition.
- The smooth transition area in the vessel also simplifies cleaning because there are no areas to trap particles and cross-contaminate batches.
- Contra rotary baffles with mechanical seals at both ends can be provided for critical mixing applications.
   Saan Engineers Pvt Ltd.   
Contact Person: Mr.P anil Kumar
City: Navi Mumbai
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