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Our reputed firm is highly engaged in providing qualitative range Digital Gas Flow Meter, that are made with finest quality raw material. These instruments are based on the excellent method viz & soap film method. These equipments are automated by utilizing Microcontroller which provides widely accurate measurement and direct digital read out of gas flow rate. The time demanded for the soap film to pass through a fixed known volume is measured. These instruments are very easy to operate and covering the free of personal errors. The soap film is sensed by IR sensors. These instruments are available to our esteemed consumers at FCRI Certified and industrial leading prices.
Range : Smart Flow 20 - 5 cc/min to 500 cc/min
Smart Flow 21 - 0.5 cc/min to 45 cc/min
Smart Flow 22 - 200 cc/min to 2000 cc/min
Accuracy : 2% of Reading, 1 digit
Power Supply : 230V AC, 50Hz, 2W
Resolution : 0.1 cc for SF 20
0.01cc for SF 21
1 cc for SF 22
Dimensions : 27cm (H) x 13cm (W) x 10cm (D)
Main Features :
* Direct Digital Readout
* Microcontroller Based
* Highly Accurate and Fast
* Useful for measuring any gas flow specially in G.C.

Sample Availability : Yes
Supplier Product Code : SIC-002
Contact Person: Mr. PRASHANT B. NAIK
City: Mumbai
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