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Salient Features
- Punches and Dies from Mahal Engineering have today carved out a select market for themselves internationally as well as domestically.
- Being the first company in India, to manufacture Punches & Dies Mahal Engineering has many firsts to their credit.
- Punches and Dies are manufactured after selection of work conditions.
- Life expectancy and corresponding design, material selection, heat treatment and process of manufacture.
- No Punch set leaves our premises without subjection to quality checks. Mahal Engineering  has the largest man hour experience in the
  field of Punches and Dies Manufacturing - over 3,136,000 man hours!
- It is therefore, not surprising that prestigious institutes, large, medium and small companies, irrespective of their geographical locations turn
  to us their critical requirements.
- The availability of more economical Punches and Dies, in competition to ours is nor withstanding but, their use is not be worth risking the
  Tableting Press or increasing the machine downtime ( by way of maintenance or human lives in case of accidents due to failure of
  Punches and Dies.
   Mahal Engineering   
Contact Person: Mr. S.S.Mahal
City: Mumbai
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