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Cylindrical Autoclave Sterilizer
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   Product Description


-  Robust construction of chamber.
-  Model is available from 1/2 CU.MTR TO 20 CU.MTR.
-  Easy to operate.
-  Fully automatic operation based on PLC control (optional).
-  Semi Automatic (Pneumatically Operated Ball Valave) Control
-  Contact parts are SS 304 / 316.
-  IQ/OQ/DQ documentation(OPTIONAL).
-  It is useful for prevention of micro biological contamination retairing flavour useful for treatment of spices, dried nuts, Foods Packed cereals etc.

Optional Features:

-  Heating Direct Steam Electric, LPG or Kerosene operated generators
-  Fully automatics operation through a micro stir process
-  Digital display temp and for a semi-automatic operation
-  Cycle with re-vacuum option
-  Thermograph to record temperature and time
-  Double door type models
-  Stainless steel flush mounting
-  Blue water, vacuum leak detection tests for vials and ampules etc.
-  Carriages, trolleys, baskets etc. for easy movement of goods
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