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Crystal - Roll Compactor
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   Product Description

  Salient Features
- Roll compactor is mainly used for dry granulation.
- The Roll Compactor is designed to have 3 functions in one unit.
- These are compression, granulating and sifting. It is simpler operation than wet granulation.
- The Roll Compactor also enables to stabilise mixtures of powders and ensures an easier packaging, handling, storage and transportation of
- We have developed a wide range of compactors are user friendly and are specifically adapted to as per the requirements of the pharmaceutical
   industry; online production without dust generation, production area fully isolated from the drive system, quick and easy changeover parts in the 
   production area and easy cleaning of these parts.
- The PLC Based control system controls and monitors the compaction and granulation process with full instrumentation and data acquisition
- The design and construction of the Roll compactor is according to the current GMP.
- No water or other liquid is added, so the loss of active ingredients due to decomposition can be eliminated.
- Highly stable granules can be obtained. 
- Feeding Hopper can move up and down by the inbuilt hydraulic system for ease of maintenance and cleaning.
- The VFD drive backed with hydraulic system is provided for charging the screw, the roller speed and the roller pressure for precise and variable
   adjustment with respect to the product's characteristics.
- The pressure of hydraulic system is adjustable to accommodate a wide range of materials.
- The cooling system reduces high temperature generated during the operation that maintains the product quality.
- High percentage of usable granules can be achieved by the better-designed breaking blades and crushing rollers.
- Option 'A' - Online sifter is provided to segregate granules and fines
- Option 'B' - A automatic vacuum transfer conveyor is provided to transfer the fine powder back to the compactor as a recycle powder which will give
   better yield and granules.
- Free flowing granules for automatic packaging
- Compact granules to reduce package size.
- Dust free granules to facilitate handling
- Granules can be filled in smaller capsules
- Granules for tabletting
Food Industry
- Granules for compressed candies, chocolate, dairy products, seasoning etc.
Chemical Industry   
- Catalyst, Fertilizers, pesticides, dyes, cosmetics and other chemicals.
   Crystal Automation Pvt. Ltd.   
Contact Person: Mr. C. S. Shetty
Address: A-363/364, road no.26 near tmt wagle bus
Area: wagle industrial estate
Pin Code: 400604
City: Mumbai
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