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   Product Description

Salient Features
- Coating machine is available with 36”, 42”, 48”, 60” or 72” size SS pan. Coating machine is totally enclosed with MS cladding with standard Gear
   Box, Motor, Hot Air Blowing arrangement. Machines designed with MS fabricated structure and all arrangements / except electric control, air filter
   and SS Pan are inside the enclosure, which makes simple cleanable outside covering. Machine is mounted in dynaounts which avoids foundation. SS
   coating Pan 304.
- 36”,  42”, or 48”  coating machine has variable speed drive and hot air blowing systems is built in the machine.
- 60” or 72” coating machine has variable speed drive and hot air separately on demand.
- All CREATE Coating Machine are provided with interlocked electrical circuit so that heaters can be operated only after blowers are made “ON”  to
   avoid burning of heaters. Coating S.S. Pan mouth ring is soldered at their rim cavities to avoid collection of dirt or contaminated drug. CREATE
   Standard machine with reduction Gear Box and T.E.F.C. Motor. Thermostat control can be provided on demand . On customer, Gear box and
   electrical including motors can be provided local make for economic purpose.
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Contact Person: Mr. Sandip Shukla
City: Ahmedabad
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