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   Product Description

Salient Features

- When it requires to count the tablets; say in multiples of hundreds, conventionally people use mesh type perforated trays with required number
  of holes on it.
- Tables are poured manually on this mesh and then slided to fall in a container.
- This entire process is manual, very slow, prone to human error, results in breakage of tablets.
- Basically a mesh is a tool and not a machine.
- Other Options available include machines that count tablets based on weight.
- But then, even this method is not accurate since there are small variations in weights of the tablets due to compression.
- Sensograph has successfully introduced a solution which overcomes these problems and which has already found acceptance in many countries.
- The system is based on Multi-track vibrating Mechanism with high speed non contact type sensing.
- This is fully automatic and ensures that each and every tablet is counted without human intervention. -Typically 1,00,000 to 2,00,000 tablets are
  counted per hour depending upon count of each pack.
Accurate, Fast Counting Of Tablets
- No breakage
- Multi Track Vibrating Mechanism
- High speed non contact type sensing
- 1,00,000 to 2,00,000 tablets counted per hour depending on a count of each pack.
   Sensograph Packaging Technology Pvt. Ltd   
Contact Person: Ms. Gitanjali
Address: Automation House, Plot No. EL 18, TTC
Area: Industrial Area, Mahape, Navi Mumbai-
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