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   Product Description

Salient Features
- Easy To Assemble - This machine is built in a very tight and compact manner : It is very flexible in fitting in a room in various directions and height, to
   save installation time.
- Flexible Usage - Within the limit of the flat width, this machine can pack objects of different shapes, no matter round or square. It can also work on
   glass or plastic articles.
- Easy To Change Packing Material - Within 10 minutes, the packing material can be changed with easy adjustments to the machine.
- Easy To Operate - Very easy to load and un - load materials, machine operation is very safe and time - efficient.
- Easy To Maintain - Machine is built by stainless steel and aluminum alloys: thus, it is resistant to rust and corrosion. It is also suitable to be installed in
   different packing production lines.
- Low Costing For Operation - The only part in this machine that needs occasional replacement is the cutting blades, which is a low - cost and easy -
   to - change item.
- Save Time And Money For Packing - Machine is fully automatic and thus saves the manpower of packing the articles.
- Parts And Accessories Are Easy To Get - Most of parts and accessories of this machine are products of well - known companies: thus, the parts can
   easily be purchased and are convenint for maintenance.
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