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Comminuting Mill
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   Product Description

Salient Features
- A perfect combination of sifting and milling, the equipment was conceived to prevent handling of powder between separate sifting and milling
- The separation of coarse and fine product size happens in the sifting chamber.
- The fine powder falls into the main discharge port, while the coarse particles proceed to the adjacent milling chamber.
- These particles are further broken into fines, which flows to the main discharge port, thus attaining the uniform product size.
- The SS 316 sieves present in the sifting and milling chamber actually determines the final product size.
- Quite extensively used in applications of continuous batch size. 
- Air purging interlocks provided at the shaft entry of the sifting and milling chambers.
- Pneumatic limit switches provided to ensure proper closing of the lids.
- Inflatable gaskets provided at the interface of the respective chambers to ensure no leakage of the powder particles into the surroundings.
- AC frequency drives provided for regulating the sifting and milling speed respectively based upon the validation procedures.
   Saan Engineers Pvt Ltd.   
Contact Person: Mr.P anil Kumar
City: Navi Mumbai
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