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   Product Description

Salient Features
- Monitoring the global regulatory environment, related to the use of color in film coatings, is a challenge for any pharmaceutical company.
- Colorcon® takes satisfaction knowing that customers rely on our technical, regulatory and brand service teams as their primary resource for complete,
   timely and accurate information on the impact of color selection.
- Colorcon has invested in establishing an extensive color regulations database, which is updated in line with changes implemented by various national
- Additionally, Colorcon provides unique services that access one-of-a-kind consumer color preference data.
- This data is based on global, consumer-based research of pharmaceutical medication users from the Americas, Europe and Asia.
- Combining such knowledge with our extenisive experience in polymer technology, Colorcon can provide pigmented, customized coating systems for
   products designed to meet appropriate regulatory standards.


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City: Goa
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