Cold Seal Blister Packaging Process
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   Technical Specifications
Model:  ESP-A5
   Product Description

Salient Features
- The ESP-A5 is linear operating cold seal packing machine that is capable of handling packaging materials (cold seal cards and blisters) automatically.
- This machine is also equipped with integrated robotized automatic product feeding.
- Depending on the available work floor space and number of people that have to work with this machine, it is possible to add or remove (manual) product feeding space.
- Card placement Automatic
- Transfer of inner section Automatic
- Blister placement Automatic
- Product placement Automatic
- Fold-over Automatic
- Sealing Automatic
- Removal of finished pack Automatic
- 2 ESP card feed magazines
- 1 ESP card feed suction plate
- 1 ESP transfer tool set
- 2 ESP blister cup feed magazine
- 1 ESP blister cup feed suction plate
- 26 ESP product tray
- 1 ESP fold-over tool
- 1 ESP seal tool set
- 1 ESP delivery suction plate

- A full change over on the ESP-A5 machine takes approximately 45 minutes with 2 people.

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