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   Product Description

Salietn Features 
- In the process of coating tablets and confectionaries, the personal skill of the coater needs to be supplemented by a correctly designed,
  versatile coating pan.
- VILAS' coating pans have been designed after careful study of the needs of expert coaters such as Rotational speed, angle of inclination of Pan
   volume and temperature.
- The standard pan is elliptical in shape, mounted at 30o angle.
- Pans in other geometrical shapes and mounting angles, as per requirement, are also manufactured.
- RPM of the pan is variable.
- Hot air blower, thermostat controlled to deliver required quantity of air at selected temperatures between 40o to 80o is provided.
- Other models available with: tilting mechanism to adjust angle of pan, polishing pan with canvas lining with quick and easy mounting on to drive hub.
Special Features
- Coating Pan Model CP-300 also available with tilting arrangement for quick discharge of coating tablets, washing and cleaning.
- Pan fabricated from SS Sheet of 304 / 316 AISI quality with adequate mouth opening and depth.
- Mechanical timer can be incorporated as optional attachment.
- Needs no foundation, can be installed on properly pre-levelled floor.
- Compact hot air blower with inlet air damping arrangement for change over from Coating Pan to Polishing Pan.
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