Coating Equipment for the Confectionery Industry
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   Product Description

Salient Features
- Nicomac is the answer to your sugar coating project needs.
- Nicomac is a candy manufacturing equipment and machinery supplier with automatic hard or soft sugar coating spraying using the unique Blow Master. - Our systems perform high results with.
- Chocolate coating
- Peanuts coating
- Nuts coating
- Almonds coating
- Hazelnut coating
- Gum coating
- Nicomac is a worldwide leader in confectionery production equipment such as sugar coating or palletizing machines and laboratory equipment.
- Our candy manufacturing equipment combines the need for a flexible solution with high quality and high performance and low energy consumption.
- Our equipment is designed in accordance with PLC PC control system and provides high reliability.
- Our systems are able to deliver a high quality sugar or thin film coating basic for hard candy or soft candy.
   Nicomac Clean Rooms Fareast Pvt. Ltd.   
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City: Hydrabad
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