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   Product Description

Salient Features
Optional Features
- Panmade out of SS316 or SS316 L material instead of SS304 material.
- Dew Point Sensor at inlet air duct. instead of Rh sensor.
- Velocity Trans-meter at inlet &exhaust air duct.
- Differential pressure Trans-meter at AHU &Process Chamber, instead of Differential pressure gauge.
- Jacketed Vessel instead of non jacketed. (for Solution Preparation.).
- Flameproof Model Vessel for Solution Preparation.
- Flameproof Motor for inlet air &Exhaust air blower.
- Wet Scrubber at exhaust air.
- Steam &Chilled Water Controlling Valve.
- Peristaltic Pump of Master Flex-USA make instead of Indian make.
- Spray nozzle of "Spraying System - U.S.A." make instead of Indian make.
- Flow Meter at Solution Spray System. ( Emersion make ( USA) - Coriolis Type. )
- Atomizing Air Pressure Regulator&FanWidth Pressure Regulator operating through Operating Touch Screen.
- Flameproof / Weatherproof Enclosure for Touch Screen.
- Additional Duct per 1 Meter - Non insulated / Insulated. ( for Inlet air line &Exhaust air line).
- Tablet discharge spout.
- Additional Pan.
- Pan unloading trolley.
Description of System
- In the process of automatic coating of tablets the Tablet Coating needs to be supplemented by a correctly designed, versatile coating system.
- CHITRA'STablet Coating System have been designed after a careful study of the needs of expert coaters such as Rotational Speed, Efficient AHU system,
  inlet & exhaust air cfm & efficient solution spraying system etc .. etc ...
- CHITRA'STablet Coating System have very heavy & sturdy structure, made from SS304 pipes & sheets. Complete structure covered from outside.
  Processing Chamber designed with sealed from all side, in which negative pressure can be achieve. Chamber with 02 nos. of covers with hinges provided
  on two sides (left &right) of the structure to clean and remove /replacethe pan.
- Perforated pan with drive and mounting facility in the chamber.
- Chamber with facility of wash water drain port with ball valve.
- Motor with worm reduction gear unit and a bearing housing with shaft for pan drive. Variable Frequency drive for variable speed of pan.
- Inlet air &exhaust air duct with bit valve and pneumatic actuator, inside the chamber.
- A FLPlamp at top of the chamber.
- Spray nozzle mounting facility at chamber.
- Perforated pan made from SS304 / SS316 or SS316 L (as per customer need) quality material and polish to the mirrorfinish from inside & outside.
- Baffles will be provide inside the pan.
- APU (AHU )with pre filters, inletair blower, cooling coil, phase& by pass system, heating coil OR heaters, micro vfilter& hepa filter with temperature
  sensor and RhSensor(OR Dew point sensor-Optional).
- Exhaust air blower.
- Inlet air and outlet air duct. (Non insulated)
- Solution Preparation Vessel with spraying system.
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