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   Product Description

Salient Features

- The Ointment Manufacturing Plants are ideal tools for the pharmaceutical & cosmetic industries for the production of Ointment, Cream, Lotions, Tooth Paste & other emulsions & homogenizations.
- It is specially designed to take care of two critical factors which directly affects the quality of the Ointment / Creams.
- Minimum man handling of Ointment.
- Negligible vacuum drop during mixing & blending.
- Needless to say, it also provides the benefits of the effective manpower utilization.
Ointment Manufacturing Plant consist the following equipments and accessories

- Manufacturing Vessel or Jacketed Planetory Mixer 
- Wax Phase Vessel 
- Water Phase Vessel 
- Storage Vessel 
- Vacuum Pump 
- Control Panel 
- Product Piping 
- Working Platform 
- Material Transfer Pump to Transfer material from manufacturing Vessel or Planetory Mixer to Storage Vessel & Storage Vessel to Ointment ( Tube ) Filling M/C. ( 02 nos.)
- This system consist of a closed circuit manufacturing facility from feeding of Wax / Water Phase to loading the hopper of filling machine.
- The Wax and Water at required temperature are transferred to Manufacturing Vessel or Planetory Mixer, by vacuum through conical filter.
- The product during emulsion formation is recirculated through Ointment Transfer Pump The Pump also discharges the product in the Storage Vessel.
- The Storage Vessel is then taken to the filling area and is connected to again Ointment Transfer Pump. or Storage Vessel remain fixed ( In bigger size ) & pump transfer the ointments in the hopper of the
Ointment Filling Machine
- The entire Plant can be operated by centralised operating panel by one operator .
- The plant is equipped with an electrical control panel with digital temperature indicators and digital timers.
- Minimum two batches per shift of the same product can be assured in this plant.
- This plant conforms to CGMP standards (Paint Free Construction).
- Encosed are a few pages explaining the system in detail. In case of any queries feel free to contact us.
Ointment & Cream Manufacturing Plant

- The Salient Features Of The Oitment Plant Are As Follows
- The Plant is designed to be operated only by one operator and one helper.
- All material transfers are done by vacuum or by transfer pumps.
- All the vessels are CGMP (paint free construction)
- The gaskets used are of silicon (food grade).
- All contact parts are of S.S. 304 quality material (SS316 provided on demand) & finished to class 4B (Mirror) finish and are crevice free.
- The entry of all agitators are from top & High Speed Emulsifier from bottom or In- line Emulsifier ( as per customer choice ).
- All vessels are suitable for internal pressure of 1 Kg. / Sq. cm. and hence can be sterilized.
- All pipes, pipe fittings and valves are of SS304 / SS316 ( as per custom requirement ) seamless quality, internally electro polished, with tri-clover ended joints.
- The entire plant is equipped with CIP & SIP connections, so that customer can use these facility, if have CIP & SIP equipment.
- All values of temperature & time of the plant are indicated digitally on the control panel. Ampere indicates on Ampere meters.
- A micro processor based automatic operating plant can be designed as per requirement.
- All the inlet & outlet connections are provided with tri clover joints, which are very easy for cleaning & replacement.
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