Cemach - Single Sided Rotary Tablet Press
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   Product Description

Salient Features
Compact Design

- The powder circulating bend fitted to the feed frame keeps the powder spilling to an absolute minimum.
- This is noteworthy since the machine is capable of compressing approximately 50,400 tablet per hour.
Drive Configuration

- The turret is driven by a precise phosphorus-bronze worm Fitted to a bearing mounted worm shaft which is driven by A €V€ belt and variable speed
   pulley mounted on the Motor shaft.
Cam Track Design

- The Machine incorporates the latest cam track design having smooth cam angles.
- Smooth cam angles improve punch Travel / which in turn / facilitate tablet ejection and reduce punch head wear extended through lubrication of the cam

- The tableting zone has been designed as per the stringent cGMP norms.
- The main features of the tableting zone include;
- Paint-free tableting area
- Easy and thorough cleaning possible since most fittings are detachable
- Dust traps reduced to a bare minimum
- Overall cross contamination and cleaning time greatly reduced

- Major controls and the one-shot lubrication system are easily accessed through the hinged front and rear panels.
- Since there are no moving parts in this area these are not interlocked, therefore adjustments can be carried out safely while the machine is in operation.

- All major lubrication points are served by the one-shot lubrication system. Oil cups are provided wherever continuous lubrication is required.

Overload and Pressure Release

- Effectively, the safety valve of the machine, this is fitted to the lower pressure roll.
- The overload pressure release should always be set to relieve the pressure with minimum effort consistent with the diameter and hardness of the tablets
   being made.
- Adjustments are easily made from the lower cabinet. Serious damage to both the machine and the punches can be prevented through proper use and
  maintenance of this system.
Motor Overload
- Any appreciable motor overload that may occur due to tight punches etc. is indicated on an ammeter fitted to the control panel.
- The average amperage in normal running (tableting) condition is to be noted.
- Any increase in this average should be immediately investigated.


Contact Person: Mr. Jayesh Khambhyata
Address: Plot,1,2 & 3, Ramdev Industrial Estate
Area: Ramol Chowkadi, GIDC Phase IV Vatva
Pin Code: 382445
City: Ahmedabad
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