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   Technical Specifications
Model:   LVFS-120
Height of Conveyor :  800-850 mm
Electricals:  220 VAC Single Phase Power Supply (50 Hz)
Dimensions Length (mm):  1200 mm
Dimensions Width (mm):  1100 mm
Dimensions Height (mm):  1400 mm
   Product Description

Salient Features :-
  • The Automatic Four Head Volumetric Motion type Liquid Vial Filling with Vacuumetric Rubber Stoppering Machine Model LVFS-120new is suitable for Round Vials with maximum speed of 12 Vials per minute.
  • The Machine can give Maximum speed of 120 Vials per minute depending on nature of Liquids, Vial Neck Size and Fill Volume.
  • Machine construction in fully Stainless Steel finish including machine frame structure.
  • Machine with unique motion filling system, Filling Nozzle moves along with Vials during the Liquid Filling Process without stoppage of Vials and also with time tested Vaccumetric Rubber
  • Stoppering System for positive placement of Rubber Stopper on Vials at higher speed.
  • Machine with built-in Turn Tables at In-feed and Out-feed with individual drives to match the speed of incoming and outgoing vials for smoother operation.
  • All parts coming in contact with Liquids and Rubber Stoppers are made from SS 316 Materials.
  • No Vial - No Fill System, No Vial - Machine Stop System
  • No Stopper - Machine Stop System
  • Synchronized movement of Vial and Filling Nozzle, no stoppage of vial during filling operation
  • Vaccumetric Rubber Stoppering System.
  • All contact parts made of SS 316 material with easy removal system for Auto-Claving/Sterilization/Cleaning
  • Machine construction in SS 304 material
  • Diving Nozzle for Foam free filling
  • Very High Fill Accuracy
  • Automatic Infeed and Exit of Vials
  • Minimum Change Over time
  • Built-in A.C. Variable Freq. Drive System
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