Blister & Thermoforming Machine
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   Technical Specifications
Model:  FTS2
   Product Description

Salient Features
- The sequence of operation of the machine is Forming, Trimming and Sealing.
- The sequence of forming , trimming and sealing is convenient when the blister formed is smaller than that of the card that is sealed on to it.
- The machine can be custom built either with single track or twin track as per product requirement.
- The machines consists of the following stations:
Film Loading

- Two roll of rigid PVC film are mounted on the machine, equivalent to the size of the blisters to be formed.
- The film is drawn through idler rollers to the preheating station.

- To optimize the cycle time, the film is preheated and then moves on.
- At the forming station the blisters are formed with compressed air.
- For intricate cavities plug assisted forming technique is used.
Contact Person: Mr. Atul G Amin
City: Thane
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