Blister Packging Machine
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Salient Features

- In pharmaceutical industry Blister Packaging Machines are used for the packing tablets, capsules, pills and other similar products packing.
- The packing process start with the capsules or tablets being loaded into a hopper and then into a feeder, which in turn can either be linear feeder or a brush box feeder depending on the shape of the product and also the material to be used.
- Heated rollers in the machine use different plastic films to form blisters that are subsequently filled with tablets.
- Some machines make use of aluminum foil to form blisters.
- Machines are manufactured according to the size, depth and material used to form blisters.
- After tablets have been inserted in the formed blisters, cavities are heat sealed using foil.
- Blister Sealing Machines are used to seal filled plastic blister to a piece of coated carton board, by heat.
- The blister is kept in the sealing die which has  the same shape as that of the cavity.
- The cavities are then filled and sealed by a foil suing heat.
- Blister Trimming Machines are used for cutting, trimming the sealed blister or formed blister packs in individual pieces or bunch.
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