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Belt Conveyors
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   Product Description

Salient Features
- Accuweigh a+s allows its customers to configure their own belt conveyors.
- Length, width, height, drive option, speed, belt-type and height of side guides can all be individually specified. 
- Accuweigh a+s offer a modular conveyor system with enormous potential for saving time and money. 
- As a result of using standard aluminium extrusions for the base construction, the conveyors can be integrated into frames or existing systems using
   standard parts and elements from the Modular Automation System.
- This flexibility offers the integrator timesaving, as special connection parts no longer need to be procured or manufactured.  
- Tech Specs
- Length 300mm to 30000mm
- Width 40 - 1200 mm
- Motor 220-240 V (delta)/ 380-41 5 V Y (Star)/50 Hz
- Fixed Speed Min: 1 mts/ min Max: 60mtrs/min
- Variable Speed With VFD (1 phase input, 3 phase output)
- Belt Material PVC, PU, Rubber
- Structure Modular Aluminum/Stainless steel
- Type of drive Direct / Indirect / Intermediate
- Location of drive Centre / End
- Take-up pulleys Horizontal/Vertical ­to facilitate long tensioning of upto 600 mm.
Contact Person: Mr.Ketan
City: Pune
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