Automatic Rotary Powder Filling Machine
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   Technical Specifications
Model:  RPF-100
   Product Description

Salient Features
- This is a rotary machine in which the containers and the dispensing funnels rotate together so that the powder dozed by the Augur Fillers into the funnels
   are dispensed progressively.
- There are four Augur fillers for dispensing powders.
- Since funnels are equispaced, the quantity of powder dispensed will be consistent.
- Output upto 7000 fills/hr with an accuracy upto 1% for fill quantities over 50 gms or 2% for fill quantities upto 50 gms.
- The machine can be provided with a turn table or bottle unscrumbler.
- The machine operation is very smooth even at high speeds.
- Special models with servo motors instead of clutch / brake unit available for better output & accuracy.
- Various safety interlocks are standard features of this machine.
- The machine can further be linked to capping / closing machine.
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