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Automatic Cream Filling Machine
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Kahan International offers pneumatically operated fully automatic volumetric Piston Block based Paste/Semi solid filling machine. We have models starting from two head followed by four head, six head, eight head, ten head and twelve head. In this model material in paste (high viscous) and the semi-solid product can be filled. Any desired size of particle mixed in the paste can be filled with this model. In automatic machines, the bottles/jars are loaded on conveyor manually at entry and all other processes of filling will be done automatically. There will a sensor at entry and exit to fulfill the feature of no bottle no filling system. The operator needs to synchronize the speed of filling machine as well as the speed of the conveyor for a smooth and accurate operation with the help of variable speed drive. There are two bottle stoppers at entry and exit of the bottle which is pneumatically operated. The input of the material can be obtained from the hopper in which it is stored or also directly through pipe connections from a storage tank of the customer to machine or we can provide both options too.

Machine Features:

  • Fully Automatic operated
  • Volumetric Based Filling
  • Fill Accuracy 1 %
  • Shut off Nozzles.
  • FRL provided
  • Suitable Capacity Hopper provided for material storage.
  • Fully SS Constructed structure.
  • Easy change over parts.
  • All Contact Parts in SS 316 provided.
  • Teflon/Silicon seals to avoid leakage
  • Scale with a pointer at volume adjustment block.
  • No Bottle No Fill System
  • Tightening/Loosening of piston made of Teflon in syringe to avoid leakage/variation
  • Piston with Teflon washers in syringe is provided for smooth operation
  • All pneumatic parts if applicable will be of Janatics / Pneumax /Festo /SMC.
  • Slat chain conveyor of SS/Delrin material with adjustable bottle/jar guides mounted.
  • ON/OFF switch to start and stop the machine.
  • Siemens/ABB/Delta/Schneider/Allen Bradly make Variable Speed Drive for a filling process as well as a conveyor.
  • Emergency Stop Button to stop all operation
  • All Contact parts can be dissembled for cleaning purpose.
  • Suitable size SS lockable wheels.
  • Machine Rested on Adjustable Bolts.
  • PLC controls the synchronization of all process to each other.
  • TC fittings for easy removal/change of parts for cleaning.
  • Conveyor starts/stop provision while filling process continues.
  • Position Indicators for Volume Adjustment position indication.

Filling Range: 1 gm to 1000 gm with the help of change parts of syringes. Filling the range of 1-10 gm, 10-30 gm, 30-100 gm, 50-250 gm, 100-500 gm, 250-1000 gm are standards we define.

Output: Up to 125 Bottles/Minute depending upon the number of heads, product viscosity, and density.

Weight: Approx. 250 kg - 600 kg as per the model.

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   Kahan International   
Contact Person: Purvik Shah
Address: Gala No 6,Crescent Ind Est,B/H Classic Stripe
Area: Chichpada, Vasai East, Mumbai
Pin Code: 401202
City: mumbai
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