Automatic Carton Sealer
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   Technical Specifications
Model:  SSFA (BOPP)
   Product Description

Salient Features
-This Model is adjustable pre-set, with Automatic Carton Sealing and Automatic Flap Closer.
-It does not require any operator and can be attached at the end of Line for on line flap closing and carton sealing at the top.
-It takes bottom sealed loaded cartons from the conveyor system, automatically index them into the top flap folding section and then seals the top by BOPP Tape.
-The indexing system controlled electronically and pneumatically ensures that only one carton is released from endless belt to flap folding section and other carton is released only when the first carton reaches top sealing section.
-This system avoids the chances of two-three cartons getting released & sealed together.
-This machine contains no Belts which ensures less wear & tear.
-The cartons are guided/pushed in carton flap folding section & carton top sealing section by S.S. Guides/Rods fixed on two parallel chains.
-These chains run in UHMW Guides for smooth and noiseless operation.
-The Flap Folder/Closer and Sealing Heads are independently carried on separate columns allowing rapid and precise settings for size change and giving mechanical rigidity.
-Self Centering quides for accurate centering.
-Easy to install with existing Packaging Lines.
-Operational Height adjustment upto 80 mm.
-Windows with handles provided on all sides for easy access and maintenance.
-Imported Electrical Panel.
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