Automated Dissolution Test
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   Technical Specifications
Model:  Sotax CE7smart Uv on line
   Product Description

Salient Features
-Cells designed for MR, CR and ER tablets, capsules, suppositories, powders, pellets, APIs, implants, medical devices, ophtalmic devices, drug eluting
  stents, creams, gels, suspensions, microspheres, liposomes and nanospheres.
-Suitable for R&D and QC, manual and automated sampling, firmware or software driven, linked to UV, UVFO (UV Fiber Optic) and fraction collector
  for HPLC.
-Evolution of the original Flow-Through Cell system designed by Dr Langenbucher and SOTAX 35 years ago.
-Compliant to USP, EP and JP for Small Volume Dissolution and Poorly Soluble Compound Testing under Sink conditions.
   Sotax India (pvt) Ltd.   
Contact Person: Mr. L.Ramaswamy
City: mumbai
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