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   Technical Specifications
Model:  MB - 50
Material Of Construction (For Unit):  As per GMP Norms
Electricals :  1 HP, 3 phase 415 V AC, 50 Hz
Flame Proof Electricals:  Available On Demand
PLC Controls:  Available On Demand
Customization:  Available On Demand
Dimensions Length (mm):  1100
Dimensions Width (mm):  700
Dimensions Height (mm):  1700
   Product Description

Salient Features
- The Wraptech Auger Filler is a versatile powder filling machine for dosing free flowing as well as non-free flowing Powders like Talcum
  Powder, Pesticide Powder, Ground Spices, Ground Coffee, Flours, Milk Powder, etc. The machine operates on the principle of POSITIVE
  DISPLACEMENT SCREW operating under constant head.
- The precisely designed Auger displaces the product through funnel into the pouch/container head under the funnel. The filling cycle is controlled
  by an Electromagnetic Clutch Brake Unit and Photoelectric Sensor. The machine can be operated in Auto Mode or Manually through a Foot
- Filling Range : 10 gms to 1000 gms
- Machine Hopper : 35 Litres 
- Filling Accuracy : Up to 2% for most of the powders, at constant powder level
- Capability to handle wide range of products and pack sizes
- Easy changeover for different products and pack sizes
- All contact parts are made of S.S. 304
- Modular construction assists maintenance and cleanliness
- Option : Servo-driven Auger Screw can be provided for better accuracy and speed.
   Wraptech Machines Pvt Ltd   
Contact Person: Mr. K. Venkateswaran
City: mumbai
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