Ampoule Filling & Sealing Machine
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   Technical Specifications
Model:  CAFS-1
   Product Description

Salient Features
- The machine built on principal of slant travel of ampoules while filling and sealing, to take care of vide variation of ampoule neck dimensions, thickness
   and ovality of available Indian ampoules.
- The unit built on M.S. Square pipe frame and totally encompassed with M.S. Coverings, in pleasing matt finish, Further the large opening available at
   the bottom side for ease of absolute cleaning.
- The pendent type electrical control panel is lifted from machine for ease of operation and safety.
- Enduring accuracy with enhanced flexibility.
- Fine-Setting fill pumps ensure most accurate liquid closings; all liquid passage parts can be easily disassembled for thorough cleaning and sterilization.
- No-Ampoule-No-Fill safety device for individual ampoules avoids liquid loss & spillage.
- Output up to 2,000 per hour.
- Ampoule range between 1-10ml (9-18mm dia.).
- 2 x Stainless steel product pump with 1-10ml filling range.
- Smooth operation even by an experienced operator.
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Contact Person: Mr. Jignesh gajjar
City: Ahemdabad
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