Air Tray Dryers (ATD)
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   Product Description

Salient Features
- The dryer cabinet is designed in such a way that the airflow inside the dryer has minimum resistance.
- Internal surfaces of the dryer are made with well-rounded corners with maximum angle so as to offer least resistance to airflow, resulting in less pressure
   drop across the corners.
- The outer body is also fabricated with rounded edges without steps from outside to have smooth finish.
- The inside fan & radiator / heaters are covered with SS / GI mesh to have safety in operation.
- The drying oven model having MS body from outside & SS body inside is provided with 150 mm SS collar around the door.
- The shafts of circulation fan, the inlets & outlets of the radiator coil are sealed by food grade sealing pads which stops the leakage of hot air from the
   drying cabinet.
- Leakages increase drying time of the product inside the trays of the dryer & in some cases cause the air contamination of air inside the dryer.
- Thus sealing helps to save the energy of drying process.
- The inlet (suction) of the dryer is provided with 10 micron filter to avoid air contamination.
- The exhaust of the dryer is provided with either manual or motorized operated damper and can be operated precisely for various positions of the
   damper from the main control panel board.
- The outer body is also polished to 180-220 grit finish with step-less body for GMP model tray dryers.
- We offer both economy models and GMP models.
- Economy models of Tray Dryer the inside SS sheets are of 18-swg, AISI 304/316, tag welded & mirror finished, while for the GMP models the inside
  of the dryers are made of either 14-16 swg thick sheet fully welded from inside and polished to mirror finish. Material of Construction.
- The dryer are manufactured in various combinations according to the requirement & the products to be dried. For example:
- AISI 304 inside or AISI 316 on the outside.
- AISI 316 on both inside and outside.
- AISI 304 or AISI 316 inside and M.S outside.
- Sheet thickness as per customers' specifications.
- The doors of the dyers are provided with groove & with hollow D shaped food grade Silicon / Neoprene gasket to have leakage proof door.
- The locks are either ball catch or bolt type lock arrangement.
- All the dryers are provided with necessary control panel boards.
- The dyers are supplied with either FLP or NON-FLP controls & drives.
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