Adept Double Sided Rotary Tablet Press
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   Technical Specifications
Model:  ADR D-D-27, ADR B-B-35, ADR B-BB-45, ADR A-A-
No Of Stations:  27, 35, 45, 59
Material Of Construction(For Unit):  As per GMP Norms
Material Of Construction (For Contact Parts):  AISI 316L
Tooling:  D, B, BB, A
Output - Tablets / Hour:  Upto 2,12,400 Tablet/Hour
Max Operating Pressure:  Upto 10 Tons
Max Tablet Diameter:  Upto 25mm
Max Depth of Fill (Adjustable):  17.5 mm
Electricals:  5 HP
Flame Proof Electricals:  Not Available
PLC Controls:  Available On Demand
Customization:  Available On Demand
Weight:  1250 kgs.
Dimensions Length (mm):  1100
Dimensions Width (mm):  1070
Dimensions Height (mm):  1620
   Product Description

ADEPT Double Sided Tablet Press offers significant technical advantages that permit higher output and increased efficiency in production. Special emphasis has been given on durability while designing so that the machine can be used in a 24/7 production environment. The higher load bearing capacity of Adept Tablet Press makes it suitable for bigger tablets. The machine also offers flexibility to produce both single-layer and bi-layer tablets on the same platform. Below are the key technical advantages of the ADEPT Double Sided Tablet Press.

Easy Press Operation

The Double Sided GMP Model offers complete front control for both weight & thickness adjustment. The machine is also fitted with a Variable Frequency Drive for speed control.

Higher Load Bearing Capacity

The main motor transmits power with double V belts.

Adept GMP model is fitted with a 5 H.P. motor and 5 H.P. VFD so that the machine can take higher loads. It also ensures that there is a higher starting torque.

Higher Output

The Adept Tablet Press is fitted with a special Multi-Chamber Feeder that ensures uniform filling even at high speeds. The 'Multi-Chamber Feeder' is designed to ensure that the die
cavity is always covered with granules. This allows you to run the tablet press at 50% more RPM than convention gravity feeders.

Longer Life, Reduced Maintenance and Lesser Downtime

The turret has tensile strength of 45 kg/ as compared to 25 kg/ offered by other manufacturers.

Turret Gear Ring is detachable and can be replaced in case it wears not.

Upper Punch Cam-plate has double key.

Drive shaft is of alloy steel.

Lower roller is fitted with bearing to avoid jamming.

The upper roll and upper roll pin can be easily replaced without dismounting upper roll bracket.

A window is provided in the worm housing for quick inspection of worm.

Better GMP Compliance

All contact parts in compression zone made of S.S.316 including Hoppers & Discharge chute.

All non S.S. parts in compression zone are Electroless Nickel Plated.

The Turret Die Table has grinding finish thus has better RA value.

Complete S.S. fabrication is done using Laser Cutting & CNC Bending.

Bi-Layer Conversion Capability

The Double Sided tablet press comes prepared for bi-layer production. Just by changing 4 parts the machine can be used for Bi-Layer products.

CE Complaint

For better operator safety, ADEPT Tablet Press adheres to CE requirements. CE Compliance certificate can be provided if desired.

Standard Features

Auto Lubrication

Upper Punch Penetration Adjustment to help prevent capping. Range: 2mm to 8mm
   Adept Engineers   
Contact Person: Mr. Manoj Singhania
Address: 274 Udyog Bhavan,Sonawala Road
Area: Goregaon (E)
Pin Code: 400063
City: Mumbai
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