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Titrator is the laboratory instrument widely used for the determination of the chemical concentration of the samples. This scientific equipment is generally preinstalled and can be called up easily as required. This titrator is available with self-searching end point, with a preset end point or the manual titration with the mouse, which starts with the push of button and saves time and money. To determine the salt content in the cheese, soya sauce, ketch up and other foods this analytical scientific instrument is reliable. Wine and beverage industries apply this titrator successfully for the identification of the acid content. This scientific laboratory equipment is also perfect in the finding of degree of acidity in the bread and sourdough. Dual titrator is also available in the market for dual titration capability that is flexible for performing titration on a wide range of samples regardless to their water content. Some new titrator is perfect for minute titrations that are quick, convenient and safe for use.

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