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Surveying instruments are used for the accurate measurement of features, orientation and absolute positioning of large scale objects in engineering, construction, mapping, industry, defense and other applications. Land surveying equipment includes field computers, data collectors, global positioning system (GPS) lasers, theodolites, total stations, global information system (GIS) lasers, levels, planimeters, theodolites, transits, and total stations. Construction surveying instruments are used to establish and mark the position and detailed layout of new structures such as roads or buildings. Level surveying equipment includes digital levels and precision levels (tilting, engineer's grade, and construction grade). Surveying technology includes a total station, a combination electronic transit and electronic distance measuring device (EDM). A standard transit is a telescope with cross-hairs for sighting a target. The telescope is attached to scales for measuring the angle of rotation of the telescope (normally relative to north as 0 degrees) and the angle of inclination of the telescope (relative to the horizontal as 0 degrees). An electronic distance measuring device (EDM) measures the distance from the instrument to its target.

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    A theodolite is an optical instrument consisting of a smallmounted telescope rotatable in horizontal and vertical planes, used tomeasure angles in surveying, meteorology, and navigation. Weoffer Elect ... more Visits: 761

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