Sterilization [22]

Moist heat sterilization is the most efficient biocidal agent.In the pharmaceutical industry it is used for Surgical dressings,Sheets,Surgical and diagnostic equipment, Containers, Closures,Aqueous injections, Ophthalmic preparations and Irrigation fluids etc.Dry heat sterilization can only be used for thermo stable, moisture sensitive or moisture.impermeable pharmaceutical and medicinal. These include products like; Dry powdered drugs,Suspensions of drug in non aqueous solvents, Oils, fats waxes, soft hard paraffin silicone, Oilyinjections, implants, ophthalmic ointments and ointment bases etc.Gaseous sterilization is used for sterilizing thermolabile substances like; hormones, proteins,various heat sensitive drugs etc.U.V light is perhaps the most lethal component in ordinary sunlight used in sanitation ofgarments or utensils.Gamma-rays from Cobalt 60 are used to sterilize antibiotic, hormones, sutures, plastics andcatheters etc.Filtration sterilizations are used in the treatment of heat sensitive injections and ophthalmic solutions, biological products, air and other gases for supply to aseptic areas.They are also used in industry as part of the venting systems on fermentors, centrifuges,autoclaves and freezedriers.Membrane filters are used for sterility testing.

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