Shrink Sleeves / Labels [9]

It comes in an individual piece form and is placed on the object manualy. This process is an economical way when output is not very high. Shrink labels are non-adhesive sleeves constructed from film material that shrinks when heat is applied. Film material such as PVC, PETG, OPP and PP are used in the manufacturing of these labels. Shrink labels allow 360 degrees of print area and will conform to the shape of the container when heat is applied. This allows the packaging company to use some uniquely shape containers that have extreme contours without compromising the copy or graphics. Using shrink labels provides an opportunity to decorate the container with some very eye catching designs. It also provides more printing space for product information since the label can be printed the entire 360 degrees versus a pressure sensitive label that would only allow a certain area of the container to be labeled. There are many product areas in which shrink labels are used, such as food and beverage products, pharmaceuticals, consumer products, cosmetics, personal care products and pesticides.

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