Rubber Stoppering [13]

Rubber Stoppering Unit is attached with Vial Filling and Sealing Machine suitable for small volume liquid filling, plugging and capping, like vial anti-biotic, eye drops etc. All contact parts are made of AISI 316L. Rubber Stoppers or Plugs are medically sterilized and siliconised. The glass and rubber combination has been useful for a wide variety of pharmaceutical ingredients combining both safe storage of the medicine and easy access through the rubber stopper. Particularly, when liquids are contained in the vial, a needle can easily penetrate the rubber stopper to withdraw the desired amount of ingredient without otherwise interfering with the integrity of the closure. Even when powders are stored in such containers, the elastomeric closure can be penetrated with a needle to activate the powder by adding liquid such as pure water. The activated medicine remains in a safe, protected environment. Rubber Stoppering Unit is a conventional pharmaceutical devices which are useful for filling vials relying on a mechanical implantation of the rubber stopper into the neck of the vial or other shaped container. Just prior to the mechanical insertion, the rubber stoppers are transported from a hopper to the Stopering equipment, usually being centrifugal, vibrating or gravity feed.

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