ROPP Cap Sealing Machine [95]

ROPP Cap Sealing Machines are available in two different variants: The Rotary Chuck Capping system and The Spindle Capping Systems. The Rotary Chuck Capping system is versatile machine designed to be installed within the existing conveyor line. Rotary Chuck Cappers are available in 8 and 12 heads Standard models. Rotary Chuck Cappers are adaptable to a wide range of caps (Cap Type: Screw or Lug) and containers which makes this a flexible machine with multiple products run on a single line. Rotary Chuck Cappers speed is based on the number of heads, container size, and configuration. The Rotary Chuck Cappers can run from speeds of 15 to 600 containers per minute. Rotary Chuck Cappers designs vary from a rotary centrifugal design to an elevator/hopper version. The Spindle Capping Systems have a unique 8 spindle design combined with the latest technology allows it to automatically place and torque a wide array of cap types (Cap Size: Min 22mm / Max 90mm) to an assortment of containers at higher speeds. The Spindle Capping Systems lowers operational costs and increases the cappers range of adjustability, to accommodate closure sizes from 10mm – 120mm, by eliminating many of the high maintenance parts. The Spindle Capping Systems are ideal machines for nearly every type of screw and lug cap including; flat caps, flip tops, pull spouts, safety caps, sport caps, even over-caps or containers with induction seals.

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